Beautiful weather today

"Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything."
"Tip of the day: People stay away from them fire and ice condoms. Makes the woman feel like she got a real fire in her pants. Its so confusing. You can’t even tell if you enjoying soo much fire not enough ICE. Well no ice….. #themoreyouknow"


college is so weird like you give people a bunch of money to provide a service that just stresses you out and makes you poor so that hopefully one day they give you a piece of paper that says you’re qualified to earn all of that money back this is too much i need a drink

"My blog turned four today! So I decided to figure out my actual password for the live site. Yesssssss. I will resume randomness of my brain which resolves more around sex and money these last couple months lol."

Whiskey Dinner Series (at Tivoli and Lee)

NOLAFW A/W 2014: American Prep

American Prepis back for its second Nola Fashion Week on March 22nd.   Baton Rouge, Louisiana based company will rock the Fall/Winter 14′ collection with “Autumn Jewel Collection” American Prep’s designer and founder, Nikki Manuel will showcase separates, dresses and skirts all brought to life with jewel tones reminiscent of the city change of seasons.   Expect to see looks for men and women…

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My Favorite Hair Products


I recently received highlights in my hair, which concerned me about keeping my hair healthy. In the past a big problem was the dryness that followed colors along with other issues.  My stylist recommended a different product for me that she knew would work called, JOICO K-PAK COLOR THERAPY.  This shampoo and conditioner has done a great job keeping my hair moisturized and healthy. In addition…

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NOLAFW F/W 2014: Dama Talya

1.  Expect the unexpected. 2.  Have a plan C, D, and F.  3.  Know there is a need out there.  4.  Do it for the people. 

These are four principles that stuck with Natalie of Dama Talya as she begun the path to showcasing her line to the world.  Great advice to live by no matter what industry you work in.  It’s evident Natalie and Dama Tayla has stayed true to their passion to offer a quality…

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Janet in the last 3 gifs!!!!

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Lipstick decisions Selfies !!

Understanding the Hair Growth Process

Hair goes thru 3 phases, anagen, catagen and telogen. Simply put these stages are known as the growth, shedding and resting stage. Understanding this will help you better understand how hair grows and what it goes thru. Normal hair shedding is between 100 to 150 hair strands per day.   Anything above that can be a sign of hair breakage due to illness, vitamin deficiency, improper haircare and…

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NOLAFW: Autumn/Winter 2014 Schedule Here

The Seventh season of Nola Fashion Weekis here.  Prepare yourself for a week filled of runway shows at cool and alternatives venues throughout New Orleans.  The Autumn/Winter 2014 shows will be held at such venues as the Pharmacy Museum, The Marigny Opera House, Hotel Modern and more. From March 14th through March 22nd, expect to see designers grace the stage bringing fashion greatness to the…

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So at an event today they had little bottles that people could put nice comments in about each person. It was such a good idea. I need to try this. I opened mine and I got such things like about loving my makeup, my dress, my headband, and being a pleasure to be around. Also my coolness lol. Very nice idea. Try it out at your parties